HUC103 - Pharmacology
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Health Unit Clerk

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This course allows students to examine the basic information which Nursing Unit Clerks need to know about Pharmacology. The focus is on the classification of the most common drugs and the ability to identify them by both generic and trade names. This course examines the principles of pharmacology and the common therapeutic classifications of medications used in health care. Students will learn to correctly identify and spell medications along with common routes of medication administration and use references appropriately to research and problem solve within their role as a Health Unit Clerk/Coordinator (HUC). Students will also be introduced to drug administration concepts that use a 24-hour clock. This course provides the students with Trade and generic names of medications that are commonly included in physician's orders within an acute care hospital. Students are required to memorize and correctly spell and pronounce generic and trade names as well as categories of medications used as anti-infective agents, oncology medications and those affecting each body system. The students are expected to become efficient in using the Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties to become efficient in using the unfamiliar medication names that appear in physician's orders as well as identify medications from abbreviations.

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